Creating Without Coding — 4 Big Changes Coming To The Blockchain

Carl Rivera
3 min readFeb 1, 2022


Blockchain technology has been around for a while now, long enough that it’s starting to show up in all kinds of strange places.

While it was originally only a tool for investors, it’s made its way into global commerce, online gaming, information storage, and it’s even heavily influenced a new generation of artists.

Does anyone really understand it, though?

Not just how it works, but how to work with it, to create new programs and applications?

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Of course, there are some people who do, but for the average creator or programmer, blockchain technology is simply too complex.

It would be great if it could be used and incorporated, but it’s not worth the effort at its current level of complexity.

That’s slowly starting to change — and as the technology becomes more available and more programmable, it’s going to lead to new waves of innovation and creation.

Here are 4 big changes that are coming soon.

  1. Next-Gen Gaming

It seems like there’s always something big around the corner with gaming, but the blockchain isn’t just big — it’s enormous.

This technology allows gamers to take things to a whole new level by offering them in-game NFTs, game-related cryptocurrencies, and even ways to earn money by doing what they love — playing video games.

2. Blockchain For Business

It’s not just gamers and investors making moves with blockchain technology — businesses have been looking for, and finding, unique ways to make it their own.

The process is a little slow now, but it’s about to explode with the creation of no-code blockchain solutions that provide people with little or no experience with the ability to create their own applications using this technology.

Whether that’s allowing customers to pay for their purchases with cryptocurrencies, selling digital products through the use of NFTs, or something else entirely.

Some companies have been working to turn online shopping into an entire experience, where customers can have all the fun of shopping with friends, without ever leaving their homes.

3. The Metaverse

You may be tired of hearing about “the metaverse” already, but like it or not — it’s coming, and the blockchain is going to play a big part in it.

It’s the best way we have of storing information, credentials, currency, or really anything else that’s digital — in a transparent and difficult-to-defraud system.

While no one knows exactly what form “the metaverse” may take, it’s a fair bet that secure and transparent information storage will play a big part in it.

4. Information Storage

Speaking of transparent information storage, some companies are looking to move large amounts of information onto the blockchain.

It’s not only accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, but also provides a type of security not available with any other form of storage.

The blockchain may be the only place in the world where information can be safe from hackers, natural disasters, and even the occasional tyrannical government.

All of these changes are coming, and certainly many more — but first we need to de-mystify the process.

While great advancements can happen slowly, with ridiculous amounts of work going into development — once some of the up-and-coming no-code blockchain solutions take off, things are going to start happening fast.

They’re going to open up the benefits of blockchain technology to everyone in a way that we’ve never seen before — and it’s going to be exciting.

I, for one, am looking forward to a world where this revolutionary tech is available to everyone, and I can’t wait to see the interesting ways that people find to use it!



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