Gaming For Profit In The Metaverse — How Everyone Can Earn From Blockchain Games, Even If You’re Not A Great Gamer

In the past, there was only one way to profit from video games — by creating them.

Since developing blockbuster video games isn’t something most people can do in their living room, this limited the potential gains to large companies.

For most of the history of gaming, this was just the way of things, and nobody expected to make a profit from playing video games.

Slow But Steady Change

Eventually, with the creation of online gaming leagues and championships, it became possible for elite gamers to make a profit from doing what they love.

Still, this opportunity was only for the best of the best, the elite of the elite.

For the vast majority of players, earning any kind of profit from playing their favorite games was still out of reach.

Photo by Alexey Savchenko on Unsplash

Your average gamer couldn’t compete in these types of competitions, but that didn’t stop them from dreaming of a day when they could get paid for their controller or keyboard skills.

The Grind

Some players, determined to make their dreams a reality, found a way to make a small profit from grinding repetitive levels and events, but it wasn’t quite what they had hoped for.

These dedicated gamers would relentlessly plug away at games, collecting in-game items and rewards that they would often sell over the internet.

While it was technically getting paid for playing games, the hours were long, the profits were minimal — and to be honest, it could get boring very fast.

Games simply weren’t designed with grinders in mind, and that had to change.

Blockchain Blitz

Everything changed when blockchain technology started to be incorporated into games.

Suddenly there were new ways to earn rewards, and a financial system where they could easily be bought, sold, or traded.

New games were being developed that paid out directly in cryptocurrency, or in unique NFTs that could sometimes soar in value overnight.

For a while, this seemed to satisfy the gamers, but eventually, they realized there was still something lacking.

It was possible to earn a profit, but you still had to be an amazing gamer, and keep up with all the newest games, or spend long hours grinding for rewards.

Distribution To The Masses

Now a new wave of gaming technology is set to fix the problems with the initial selection of blockchain games, and it promises to offer something for everyone.

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

While the money spent on games used to go straight to the developers, now that payday is being split between the creators, the players, and the NFT holders.

Every upgrade, subscription, micro-transaction, NFT, skin, or game extension purchased adds revenue to the pool that gets split among the players based on their in-game activity and assets.

That means that even if a player isn’t elite, or if they haven’t been playing recently, they can still get a cut of the pie.

That’s what I call a win-win situation.

Come for the games, stay for the profits.

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