How Anyone Can Succeed In The Crypto Market — By Trading Like A Robot

Crypto is taking over the world of finance, slowly but surely.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we don’t get left behind.

As millions of traders have realized already, there’s a tidy profit just waiting to be made in the crypto markets, for those willing to seize it.

Of course it’s not quite that simple — everyone knows there are risks to investing.

There’s some small risk that the markets will fluctuate wildly and uncontrollably due to an unexpected world event, but that happens fairly rarely, and when it does, it affects everyone.

The issue that most frequently causes problems is a deeper, more human one.

The Problem

People are emotional.

It’s not a flaw exactly, but it can get in the way of making the right decisions when it comes to a clear-cut decision like investing.

Some investors fear losing, and play it too safe as a result — which means they may never make any real profit.

Other investors may be too hopeful for a comeback, and keep sitting on a losing trade, waiting for it to spring back to profitability.

And then there’s the other emotional demon, greed — which can sneak up on the best of us.

Traders who get bitten by the greed bug often start to take larger and larger risks, looking for that big payoff.

These are only a few of the ways emotions can affect our trading. There are many more, and most of them aren’t helpful.

Trading simply shouldn’t be an emotional activity.

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

The Solution

Just ball up your emotions and throw them away, right? No problem.

Okay, so that’s not going to work — we’re all ruled by our emotions to some extent, it’s a fact of being human.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to put them aside though, and save them for the times and places when they’re more helpful to us.

What most successful traders end up with is a plan — a set of guidelines, a rulebook, which they follow regardless of how they feel. And it works.

Like a dealer playing blackjack, just sticking to the mathematical formula come-what-may provides the highest statistical chance of multiple successes.

Easier said than done, but with knowledge comes power — and now that we’ve outlined the problem, and the solution, all you need are the specifics.

The Plan

Isn’t it great how adding capital letters to something can show how important it is?

It’s not the plan, it’s The Plan.

The Plan is to follow proven steps to success — we’re not trying to blaze a new trail, we just want to make a profit and trade some crypto, right?

Well, millions of traders before us have shown that it’s possible, even easy, using a good plan — so that’s all we need.

You can make up your own plan, you can find one on the internet, what’s important is that you know it, understand it, and stick to it.

Several successful traders have created training courses and plans that can show you how everything works, and how to keep your emotions out of the mix.

Photo by Jievani Weerasinghe on Unsplash

The best plans will use more than just deep analysis of trends and a rulebook, though — they’ll go one step further and use automated bots.

What’s better at emotionless logical work than a bot?

As long as the robots don’t develop emotions of their own — we should be good to go.



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