If Your Car Alarm Doesn’t Have These 3 Features It’s Time To Get A New One

Carl Rivera
3 min readJun 22, 2021


If you have a car, you understand the importance of an alarm system.

If your car doesn’t have an alarm system it’s probably because it has never been broken into before.

Harsh statement, right? But studies show that many people aren’t motivated to get a car alarm until a break-in occurs — which, obviously, is too late.

The solution is just as obvious — just get an alarm.

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But if it doesn’t have the following features, consider it a waste of money and… get another.

1.GPS Tracking capabilities

If someone steals your car, the first thing you want to know is where it is.

GPS tracking helps you do this. It pinpoints the location of your car and allows you to get it back.

The average alarm system doesn’t have this so — if your car goes missing, the chance of getting it back is slim to none.

As such, this feature is critical!

It must be noted that you should never go to retrieve your car alone — always contact the police first.

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2. Glass break system

Car thieves have found a way to get into cars without triggering the alarm.

They usually break the glass.

The average car alarm doesn’t go off when a window is broken, so you won’t know when your car is being vandalized.

Getting a system that tells you when your car window is broken offers more protection.

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3. Bluetooth camera feature

Don’t you wish you knew who was trying to break into your car? The Bluetooth camera feature helps you to do exactly that!

When your car is breached, the camera starts to capture multiple pictures of the perpetrator and sends the images to your mobile phone.

This gives you the evidence you need to bring the burglar to justice!

Finding a car alarm with these specs is not hard, but it can be expensive. However, if you budget properly, you can get it when you need it.

If you need help finding a brand that works, you should try Innovative Aftermarket Group’s d3 complete vehicle surveillance system.

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It offers all the features listed above — for owners and car dealers, too!



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