Make Your Brand Recognizable — 5 Key Reasons To Try Reputation Marketing

Let’s face it, marketing your business can seem like an impossible task.

What used to be as simple as putting some advertisements in the newspaper is now a problem that has to be approached with a global outlook, on a digital platform.

What makes it harder is that there are millions of other people all trying to do the same.

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So how can you make your company stand out? Here are a few reasons to try reputation marketing.

People have a quick and easy process for deciding where they want to shop. They type what they want into Google, they see some experts saying “this is the best option,” and they click it.

Reputation marketing puts your content in their crosshairs.

Your business can be featured by trusted sources that automatically rank high in search engines, giving you an instant advantage.

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2. Expert Advice

When people see that information is coming from a reputable and trusted source, they believe it.

These sources won’t lie — but they will help you market your business, if it’s done right.

This has the double bonus of making people more likely to share your content with others, because it’s already been vetted by a trusted media source.

3. As Seen On

Customers of all kinds love those “As Seen On” badges. I do. I bet you do, too.

Even if I’m not interested in the product, when I see one of those badges, I stop to see what it’s about.

Once your content has been placed with these trusted sources, you can get instant access to their coveted “As Seen On” badges for your own products and websites!

4. Instant Results

We live in a digital age where no one has time for delays.

Luckily the entire process is online, from where you input your information, to where your future customers will find it.

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Once your content is published, it will be ranked on search engines within a few hours, and then it’s accessible to anyone searching for a business like yours!

5. First Page Status

We don’t like to admit it, but no one ever goes to the second page of the Google rankings.

It’s nearly impossible to get on that coveted first page on your own, but through the power of trusted sources and expert advisors, it’s (almost) easy.

You may have tried a number of marketing tools before, but you’ve probably never tried anything like reputation marketing.

It’s a tool that’s been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, but it’s not something most people talk about. While I wouldn’t call it a secret, it’s definitely not common public knowledge.

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