Medicare Is Expanding — 5 Important Ways It May Affect Your Healthcare

Carl Rivera
2 min readNov 4, 2021


A lot of things are changing in the USA, and some of them will likely affect your future.

There’s a new $3.5 trillion budget coming, that’s going to expand Medicare, fund family programs, and bring changes to clean energy.

The bill is making its way through the government now, and you’ll start to see the effects in the coming months.

While clean energy and family program funding is interesting, we’re going to focus on the healthcare aspect, and what it means for you.

Here are 5 important changes that are coming soon.

1.Extended Stimulus

The $1.9 trillion Covid stimulus plan is getting an extension that will directly affect insurance rates.

If you buy your own insurance coverage, this should effectively lower your premiums.

2. Paid Leave

Taking time off work for medical reasons can be disastrous to your career, and your finances.

That could change soon, with a new comprehensive paid family and medical leave program.

It’s hard to say exactly how this will play out, but it’s sure to make a big difference in the way people deal with illness and taking time off work.

3. Subsidies For All

In the past, it’s been possible to get subsidized healthcare if you fell into the right income bracket.

With the new plan, subsidies will be available for everyone, regardless of their income.

This could help a lot of people who just barely made it into a higher wealth bracket, and had to shoulder the additional costs that came with it.

4. No Minimum Payment

There’s no longer a requirement that low-income individuals pay a certain amount for their health insurance.

This means that some people may be able to access healthcare at virtually no cost if they earn less than a certain amount.

This may vary by area, and the best way to find out if you qualify is to contact your local insurance provider.

5. All States

Some states had previously decided not to expand Medicaid and low-income families in those states were left without access to the program.

The federal government has decided to correct that by creating a new program to offer them those benefits.

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

While every budget is controversial in some way, and this one is no exception, it is clear that many people stand to benefit from these changes.

To see exactly how you’re likely to be affected, talk to your local insurance provider about the coming changes.

Hopefully, there’s some good news coming your way.

Your health matters, so take care out there.



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